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Let a vacation full of fun begin! A night club where you can dance the night out, unforgettable concerts, theme parties, world-renowned DJs, sophisticated shows and a wide choice of sports and activities. There is no time and place for fun and entertainment in the world of Lara Family Club. May it be day or night, you can join a different activity round the clock to make the best of your vacation and turn it into a memorable experience where you the enjoy the sea, sun and the pool to your heart’s content. Before we forget! Children are the most precious guests in the world of Lara Family Club. Through the day-long activities and games, they join under the supervision of our instructors and the healthy food choices served, our young guests have the chance to experience a vacation full of fun.



Kids Club

Children always want to run around, enjoy the sea, have fun, join various activities, learn and discover new things, make new friends and express themselves. Each of them wants to be like the superhero in their imagination. (04-12 years) In our Kids’ club, all these wishes come true under the supervision of our personnel to the satisfaction of both the children and their parents. The sweet memories of their vacation in our hotel prevail even after they return home.


Sports and Activities

It is in your hands to adopt exercise and sports as a lifestyle throughout your vacation! Lara Family Club definitely offers a sports activity to help you get in shape and keep fit! All you have to do is to choose the one suitable to your needs. If you would like to have a healthy and fit figure and a confidence boost, you are in the right place to try various types of sports and activities.